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    My Casa by the Beach

    A Condo Rental in Puerto Aventuras. A PHP Rental site using JQuery and HomeAwayConnect calendar. Website

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    Animals And People Together

    A simple html site I donate my services for a non-profit group. Visit the site and volunteer!.

  • AquaVybe Water

    AquaVybe was one of my first sites using flash. Try a bottle!

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    Executive Link Co

    A PHP, mySQL, database driven site, with a full CMS from scratch. Visit Website

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    Life On The Bike

    A database driven site, that the user can login and control their information and post events. Visit Website

  • Natural Health

    Natural Health

    A database driven site, with custom CMC in progress.

  • PowerBlaster

    PowerBlaster PB

    A custom site including videos and flash. Visit Website

  • Regency Homes

    Regency Homes

    This site has custom controls, so the owner can maintain their inventory on line. Visit Website

  • Rose Affordable Living

    Rose Affordable Living

    A database driven site, that the owner controls the display with a custom CMS. Visit Website

  • Scott Tibbitts

    Scott Tibbitts

    Designed by client in siteTonight. I replicated and updated it. A great video with music! Visit Website

  • The Little Folks

    The Little Folks

    Integrated a custom PHP, mySQL CMS into the site, so the owner can maintain it. Visit Website

  • Uesaka Sport

    Uesaka Sport

    An integration with a PDG cart and QuickBooks. (Still in progress) Visit Website

  • Vosan Vodka

    Vosan Vodka

    A branding page for a new Vodka.

  • West Therapies

    West Therapies

    Client controlled, database driven site. Supplies online forms for patients. Visit Website

  • Zybek Sports

    Zybek Sports

    A PDGsoft QuickBooks controlled e-commerce site. Visit Website

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